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Celebrate the eclipse, Part 2

Celebrate the eclipse, Part 2

This makes me laugh, every time. I am a sucker for corny jokes, too. Have you ever had a Moon Pie? Moon Pies are southern treats, along with RC Cola and Goo Goo Clusters. Two graham cracker cookies with a marshmallow center, covered with chocolate. […]

Celebrating the eclipse

Celebrating the eclipse

Did you get outside to celebrate the eclipse yesterday? I organized an impromptu eclipse party on the green in front of our house. We ended up with about a dozen people, including several kids, a few dogs, and some pinhole cameras. Everyone shared the viewing […]

A response to violence: Let there be peace on earth

A response to violence: Let there be peace on earth

The events in Charlottesville last weekend hit pretty close to home for me. My mother lives there, and my nephew is about to start his freshman year at the university. (Thankfully my mother and her husband were nowhere near Saturday’s riots.) How do we respond […]

Friday favorites: Daveed Diggs

This one is for Laura, who introduced me to Daveed Diggs by way of the Hamilton soundtrack. We saw him in the show last year, and afterwards we waited at the stage door. Finally he came out, along with some other cast members. Laura passed […]

Feeding your soul

Do you pamper your body but neglect your soul? Many of us do, so don’t feel guilty. What could you do today to feed your soul? Feeding your soul means doing anything that brings you intrinsic joy. What things make you feel happy, for no […]

Friday favorites: Wonder Woman

Laura and I went to see “Wonder Woman” last weekend. I wanted to see it on the opening weekend in order to support a movie featuring a lead female character. Especially a lead female in a superhero franchise. Usually I don’t go for movies like […]

Clear your space

Everything you need to know, you already know. When I first heard this saying in a yoga class, I scoffed. I certainly don’t already know everything. What about algebra? Well, maybe I don’t need to know algebra at this point in my life. But I […]

Friday favorites: Music for meditation

I am the light of my soul.  I am bountiful.  I am beautiful. I am bliss. 

Anne Frank house

The first thing I did after booking our trip to Amsterdam was get tickets for the Anne Frank house. I have been curiously obsessed with Anne Frank for years. To prepare for our visit, I re-read Melissa Muller’s Anne Frank: The Biography. 

Yoga with goats, and spirit animals

If you’ve looked at Facebook lately, you’ve probably seen something about yoga with goats. As crazy as it sounds, it looks like a regular yoga class with about a dozen goats let loose. From what I’ve read, the goats are playful and want to nuzzle […]