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Random Thoughts

Friday favorites: Daveed Diggs

This one is for Laura, who introduced me to Daveed Diggs by way of the Hamilton soundtrack. We saw him in the show last year, and afterwards we waited at the stage door. Finally he came out, along with some other cast members. Laura passed […]

Friday favorites: Broadchurch

I’m late to this party, but this show is my newest TV obsession. Broadchurch, from BBC. No talking while it’s on! That’s mainly because sometimes we are straining to understand the dialogue, thanks to their accents. This detective show has eight episodes in Season 1, […]

Yoga teacher stress dreams

Yes, they are real. Yoga teacher stress dreams. Everyone has a recurring stress dream. Maybe you’re back in college and forgot to go to your math class all semester but now you have to take the final. Or maybe someone is chasing you and you […]

Friday favorites: Roz Chast

I love Roz Chast. Her cartoons in the New Yorker have entertained me for years. According to this one, I need to step up my game on conspiracy theories!  

Friday favorites: Thoughtful political cartoon

This cartoon by Signe Wilkinson was published recently in the Philadelphia Inquirer. It made some people angry. Personally, I felt humbled. Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.  

Best advice I ever got

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received from a yoga instructor is this: acknowledge the pain. How’s that for a needle scratch? Bet you weren’t expecting that. Well, neither was I. Let me tell you the whole story.

Thoughts for Mother’s Day: Taking the girls to Chick-fil-A

Last week I went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. That place is my downfall–I don’t agree with their stance on gay marriage, but their lemonade. I’ll save my explanation for why I sneak away to eat there for another post, because I really want to talk […]

Friday favorites: TV Shows

In this “new golden age” of television, there are more great shows to watch than there are hours in the day. Here are my favorites. Big Little Lies, HBO. I know, this aired in March, back when I was taking a break from blogging. But […]

Friday favorites: S-Town podcast

Everyone is listening to podcasts these days. Stuart discovered this one: S-Town. It’s about a small town in Alabama, outside Birmingham, named Woodstock but referred to as Shit Town. The main character, John B., went to the same college we did–Birmingham Southern College. John B. […]

Please donate

Here’s what I did on Friday. I’ll spare you the bloody details. Ha ha, just a little blood donation joke! Just wait for the one about vampires. Ha ha! You’ll want to donate just for the humor. But seriously. When I was young, I could […]