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Five yoga poses to help unlock creativity

Five yoga poses to help unlock creativity

One of the things we do in my Writing and Yoga workshops is focus on the throat chakra, the center of your creativity. The issues of the second chakra include communication—listening, speaking, and finding your true voice. In my workshops, one of the goals is to […]

6 ways to Practice writing

6 ways to Practice writing

Last December, the website Yoganonymous published this article. Since then, Yoganonymous has become Wanderlust, and my article disappeared. Here it is again!   Six Ways To Practice Writing     Writing can be a wonderful outlet for creativity, emotions, and growth. Taking the time each day […]

Writing prompt: that one thing you never wear

Picture your closet. Messy or neat, it doesn’t matter. Think about everything in there–shirts, pants, sweaters, skirts, dresses, shoes, jackets. Maybe you have things arranged by season, or color, or maybe there is no particular order, but you know where everything is. Now picture that one garment […]

Writing Prompt: Waiting

Here is a writing prompt from Nancy Slonim Aronie of the Chillmark Writing Workshop: Waiting. If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, you’ll know that I met Nancy at Kripalu when I took her workshop on Writing from the Heart. Her instructions to us […]

Practice writing with your cell phone

Have you noticed that whenever we have to wait for a minute, maybe standing in line at Starbucks or something, the first thing we do is pull out our cell phones? Instead of writing a long post bemoaning the lack of human interaction, I have […]

Update on my novel

  People keep asking me how my novel is coming along. Well, take a look—it’s coming along great! Look at all that paper! The scribbled notes! Look how comfortable it looks on the floor! So okay, it’s a big pile that I had to move […]

My four creative projects

I am so excited about my creative projects! While I was in Italy, Bree Melanson helped me remove some blocks, and now my ideas are popping all over the place. Here are the highlights: 1. This blog! Yes, this very blog that you are reading right […]

Heaven on Earth Italy Retreat

I just returned from a yoga and spiritual retreat in Tuscany, and over the next few posts, I’d like to share how it transformed me.  Part 1 What was it like? It was quiet. The Tuscan hilltops are a perfect place to listen, because they […]