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Celebrating the eclipse

Celebrating the eclipse

Did you get outside to celebrate the eclipse yesterday?

I organized an impromptu eclipse party on the green in front of our house. We ended up with about a dozen people, including several kids, a few dogs, and some pinhole cameras. Everyone shared the viewing glasses. We reminded each other not to look directly at the sun, but I found that I couldn’t help it–I kept looking up, then jerking my head away when I realized what I was doing.

Especially after the first glimpse of it. It was so exciting. Such an amazing, awe-inspiring example of what a wonderful world we live in. I felt humbled.

My friend Kelly wrote a beautiful Facebook post that says pretty much everything else I wanted to write about the eclipse. She was kind enough to let me re-post it here. .

A spiritual healer claims the total eclipse will herald the start of a new era for humanity and the universe as a whole. May that change be an increase in kindness and compassion! .

The solar eclipse in the Yoga world and MY world… means way more than just the moon blocking the sun for a few hours.

This to me is quite a spiritual experience and I LOVE how it brings us all together as a community. With excitement, anticipation, hope and curiosity. Anytime we can find that moment to connect with other human beings in our nation … it’s such gift. We are all one… coming together to witness and see this incredible site together. The eclipse to me represents hope and a greater purpose for life on this planet and an opportunity for us to reflect and take inventory of our light and our greater purpose. Get out there today and see how gorgeous our planet is and how expansive and incredible the universe shows up for us. Today we show up for the universe and for the world! 

In the dark moments today and everyday, don’t forget the light still shines on! Let your Light shine! Be safe, smile, say a prayer, hug your neighbor… be love… be light… be grateful… witness the universe in action, and allow your heart and soul to feel peace and to be peace.

Namaste–The light and the love in me, honors the light and the love in you and the universe.

 Celebrating the eclipse - Ellen Davies blog - with Heart and Humor - yoga
Celebrating the eclipse - Ellen Davies blog - with Heart and Humor - yoga

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