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Celebrate the eclipse, Part 2

Celebrate the eclipse, Part 2
This makes me laugh, every time. I am a sucker for corny jokes, too. Have you ever had a Moon Pie? Moon Pies are southern treats, along with RC Cola and Goo Goo Clusters. Two graham cracker cookies with a marshmallow center, covered with chocolate. Did you know that Moon Pies are baked in Chattanooga, Tennessee? Stuart’s dad and his wife, Bettye, live there. When we first met Bettye, she brought everyone a box of Moon Pies. So we had four boxes of Moon Pies at our house, each with a dozen pies, which makes 24 pies at 220 calories each… ugh, don’t remind me!
You can shop for Moon Pies online at their official website here.
What ways did you enjoy the eclipse? I’d love to know! Leave a note in the comments section.

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