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Feeding your soul

Do you pamper your body but neglect your soul? Many of us do, so don’t feel guilty. What could you do today to feed your soul?

Feeding your soul means doing anything that brings you intrinsic joy. What things make you feel happy, for no particular reason? What things do you love? What things clear your mind and make you feel uplifted and refreshed?

I recently spent a few days in New York City. While Stuart attended a conference, I spent the time doing things that feed my soul.

Walking. I walked everywhere. The weather was nice, and walking gave me a chance to take in both the beauty and grime of the city. Since I was alone, I could dodge and weave through the crowds much easier than if I had been trying to keep up with a group. I love walking for exercise.

Yoga. I love trying out new studios. This time I went to two different studios, and one class was outdoors on a rooftop. We practiced pigeon pose, on the roof, which made me laugh.

The rooftop at Yo Yoga. That’s a skylight in the back, fyi.

Ballet. I love dance, so I went to see a documentary about Wendy Whelan, the former principal dancer with New York City Ballet. Whelan danced with the company for 30 years, which is amazing. No one in ballet has ever had a career that long. I loved the film (called “Restless Creature”) because it featured interviews, clips of her in performance, clips of her in rehearsal, and even a few cringe-worthy scenes of her hip surgery.

Now playing at Lincoln Center Film Institute.

Broadway. I love musical theater. Don’t laugh, but I went to see “Phantom of the Opera.” I have never seen it, and the show has been playing since 1988, making it the longest-running show in Broadway history. I was worried that it would feel dated or passé, but instead it was wonderful. The story is great (or tragic, depending on your viewpoint) and the music is beautiful.

Phantom of the Opera

However, you don’t have to travel to New York or even spend money to do things that feed your soul. I used to sit out on our deck and stare up at our trees. We had two red maples, and I loved those trees. Just staring at their leaves made me feel happy and peaceful.

What about you? What are some things that feed your soul?


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