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We are all one: helping those in need after Hurricane Harvey

We are all one: helping those in need after Hurricane Harvey

The floods in Houston after Hurricane Harvey are devastating. I feel helpless, because there are so many people suffering. What I can do, however is pray, and I offer a prayer at the end of this post. I can also donate to organizations such as the Red Cross that offer emergency assistance. After so much has happened lately to divide us, now is the time to come together. 

I like how the Federal Emergency Management Agency urged all citizens to get involved. You can read the article in the New York Times here. The agency’s call on all Americans to pitch in and help resonated with me, once I got over the irony of a federal agency calling for unity. At a time when the federal government’s leadership is carving deep divisions in our country, here is an agency calling for harmony and cooperation. I hope that as Americans we step up to the challenge. 

WASHINGTON — The Federal Emergency Management Agency is calling on Americans to help with the response to Hurricane Harvey through financial donations or by assisting with search and rescue efforts, as the rainfall continues over the next few days.

The Times also published an article on where to donate money for Hurricane Harvey victims. The article lists local and national organizations, as well as online options. It also mentions how to avoid being scammed, which, unfortunately, is something to consider. At a time when FEMA is calling us to come together and help, there are people low enough to take advantage of the situation.

A large and complicated rescue operation is underway in Texas, and so far, there’s no end in sight.

Harvey’s catastrophic flooding will continue in and around Houston and Beaumont/Port Arthur and into southwest Louisiana for the rest of the week, the National Hurricane Center says.

If you’re outside the affected area, here are options to help.

I’d like to add to the list UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, and also Episcopal Relief and Development.

We are all one. It’s happening in Houston, but it is happening to all of us as well. 

The people need our prayers. If you aren’t used to praying, here is a simple one I’ve been using:

Dear Lord, I pray for those affected by the hurricane. Please send angels to protect and comfort those who struggle. Send peace to those in fear. Amen.

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