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Weekend movies: In Her Shoes

Weekend movies: In Her Shoes


Looking for a good movie to rent this weekend? “In Her Shoes.”

One of my favorite writers is Jennifer Weiner, and this movie is based on her second novel. It bombed at the box office (back in 2005), probably because it doesn’t fit into the extremely narrowly defined genres of movie: it’s not exactly a romantic comedy, it’s not really a mystery, and there is no car chase. Plus it has elements that you don’t find in popular movies, like major characters in a retirement home.

What it does have is a great story. Two sisters, Rose and Maggie, who couldn’t be more different. Responsible, plain (overweight) Rose, and partying, gorgeous (thin) Maggie. Two sides of the same coin. Can’t live with each other, but can’t live without the other. Over the course of the movie, they discover a grandma they never knew about (played by Shirley MacLaine, who is always terrific). Slowly, Responsible Rose discovers her beauty and finds love, and Party Girl Maggie learns she is competent and can not only hold a job but also start her own business.

I have watched it (on TV or DVD) about five or six times, and I always cry during the last few minutes because it has such a beautiful ending.

Read about it at Rotten Tomatoes.

More about Jennifer Weiner here.



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