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Yoga platitudes

I love yoga and I love teaching it. But as yoga has swelled in popularity, there has also been an upsurge in what I think of as yoga bullshit. You know, the pithy sayings that people post on social media. The ones that make it seem like life is all blissful unicorns. “Every day is full of sunshine if you just open your eyes!”

I try to avoid stuff like that.

Until I come across one that I really like, that is. I mean, MY stuff will never be trite! I’m different, right?

Like this letter from Mother Teresa to First Lady Hilary Clinton. I saw this in the Clinton Presidential Library, a few years ago. I was in Little Rock for two funerals, and we had exactly one hour to tour the library before dashing to the airport. As I was speedwalking by, I saw this. It was in a display of presidential correspondence. There is no date on the letter. But I just love that last sentence.


Now that is something worth remembering.

There is so much good you can do if you listen to God in the silence of your heart.



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