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Yoga teacher stories: Two Hot Guys

Yoga teacher stories: Two Hot Guys

This is a true story.

Several years ago, I was scheduled to sub for my friend Anne’s Wednesday noon yoga class at the Y. That morning, however, I really didn’t feel like teaching. I spent a lot of time complaining to my friend, Kelly, about how much I did not want to teach that class. It was August, when attendance generally drops, and I anticipated no one showing up, or maybe only one person. That would hardly be worth my time. I groused and whined, I really wallowed in my resistance. I was pretty much throwing a temper tantrum–nooo, I don’t wanna teach!

Heaving a big sigh that reflected the heavy burden of responsibility for subbing this class, I dutifully went to the Y and set up for class.

Then the door opened, and two young, handsome guys walked in. They greeted me cheerfully. They set up their mats right in front of mine. They looked at me eagerly and expectantly. “We really want to learn more about yoga!”

Are you kidding me?

Let me back up a moment and explain a few things. First of all, no one ever sets up their mats right in front of the teacher. In 13 years of teaching, I can tell you how the class will fill up: back corners first, back row, then along the sides of the room. The middle of the room is usually the last to fill up, what I call the horseshoe effect. Nobody wants to be in front of the teacher, especially not the newbies. So for these to guys to set up right in the middle, in the front–that was highly unusual.

Another highly unusual thing? Two hot guys showing up for a noontime yoga class. I don’t mean to get sexist, but the noontime classes are fondly referred to as “the ladies,” because it’s mostly older women, with a few retired men. Two young guys? And two really good-looking guys? Unheard of.

So these two guys are sitting there, looking at me with childlike anticipation, waiting for me to start class. I think a couple of other regulars came in (and immediately went to the back of the room). I was trying not to laugh out loud. I thought for a few minutes that someone was pranking me.

I taught the class. I was laughing to myself the whole time, too. Earlier I had considered blowing off the class (which I have never done) and now I was rewarded for teaching with these two guys. It was funny, and it still makes me laugh when I think about it.

You know what else? I never saw those guys again. Anne never saw them, either–they never took her class again. This was back when I was the Yoga Team Lead, so I was at the Y almost every day, taking a class or teaching, and in regular communication with all the yoga teachers. If two young hot guys had started attending someone’s class, I probably would have heard about it.

Who were those guys? I have no idea. But I do believe that God has a great sense of humor, and maybe he played a joke on me that day.


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