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Yoga teacher stress dreams

Yes, they are real. Yoga teacher stress dreams.

Everyone has a recurring stress dream. Maybe you’re back in college and forgot to go to your math class all semester but now you have to take the final. Or maybe someone is chasing you and you have to be crafty and keep one step ahead of them. Perhaps you’re one of those who dreams about going shopping, only to discover that you forgot to put your clothes on.

Now you can add one more–the yoga teacher stress dream!

Here’s how it goes. I am teaching a yoga class, but so many people showed up that the class has expanded into three or four adjoining rooms. The rooms are packed with people and their yoga mats. But everyone is talking. I am shouting instructions. I am frustrated because I told one room to do triangle pose, but the other rooms aren’t doing it. I run from one room to the next. They won’t stop talking! I am now yelling at them to be quiet and practice triangle. It reminds me of yelling at my kids to stop yelling. I have to keep moving from room to room. I’m getting worried that no one is going to enjoy this class! They won’t like me! I’m a nice person, but dammit, shut up and practice your yoga!

This pattern continues until I wake up in a cold sweat.


2 thoughts on “Yoga teacher stress dreams”

  • Funny, triangle used to be least favorite pose. When an instructor would cue it I’d honestly roll my eyes and curse and swear inside. Ever thought that your recurring dream is someone else’s living nightmare? There is some lesson here for us to learn! Namaste.

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