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What I’m Reading: China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems

What I’m Reading: China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems

Good news! I’m bringing back my book reviews for 2018! 


Sometimes a girl needs her chick lit. I am really enjoying these books by Kevin Kwan. The first book in the series is Crazy Rich Asians, followed by China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems.

China Rich Girlfriend

In China Rich Girlfriend, the story continues with Nick and Rachel, who are back in New York and planning their wedding. They have not invited Nick’s mother, Eleanor, and Rachel still longs to one day meet her own father. Meanwhile, Eleanor meets a handsome young man who looks exactly like Rachel, and she sets out to discover who he is. Turns out his name is Carleton, his girlfriend is the shockingly wealthy Collette Bing, and he is Rachel’s half-brother! Gasp!


We meet again the beautiful Astrid, and discover that sudden wealth has poisoned her husband, Michael. In the last book, we didn’t see him very much, but we got the impression he was a nice (yet middle-class) guy. Now he’s filthy rich and a total jerk. We also catch up with the former soap opera actress Kitty Pong, now married to the mysteriously absent Bernard.

So yeah, it’s a soap opera, with over-the-top indulgences. Collette and her friends go shopping and buy hundreds of designer handbags in one shop. It’s ridiculous. Luckily the plot has enough twists and turns to keep things interesting, in between eating Thai, Singaporean, and Malaysian delicacies and hand-pulled noodles. (My thoughts always wandered to the servants–what must it be like for them? Maybe Kwan will write a fourth book?)

Buy China Rich Girlfriend here. 


Rich People Problems

I have just started reading Rich People Problems. This book bolts out of the starting gate with bad news from Tyersall Park (the massive estate in Singapore that was supposed to go to Nick, but now the greedy Eddy thinks he might get it instead). Su Yi, the matriarch of this crazy family, has suffered a heart attack. The family gathers to be at her side, ostensibly to show concern, but really because they want to be sure they get their inheritance. Not only do the family members come, but they bring their maids and servants with them, managing to take up all the available space in Tyersall Park (a house so large that Nick, who grew up there, was never able to count all the bedrooms). But what’s this? Nick is denied entry! Is it because his grandmother, Su Yi, really doesn’t want to see him, or is the greedy Eddy behind it all? Stay tuned! It’s a fun read.

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