Mason jars and water bottles

Mason jars and water bottles

I was at a yoga teacher training over the weekend in Philadelphia, and I learned that, alas, I continue to be tragically unhip. Apparently all the cool kids are now using Mason jars as water bottles.

I am baffled by this. I understand that there is a “rustic” trend happening right now, which means your local coffee shop might serve ice water in Mason jars (on their reclaimed wood tables).

But to fill a Mason jar with water, screw on the lid (which is metal, and two parts: the lid and the ring), then proceed to walk around town with it? That’s just crazy. Why would you want to carry around something so heavy? And something so fragile? One false move and you’ve got dangerous broken glass, not to mention water all over your yoga pants.

And get off my lawn–yeah, I know there is a tiny chance this is a generational thing.

A young woman in my yoga class last week came in with her water in a pickle jar. I knew it was a pickle jar because the label was still on it. At first I thought she was drinking pickle juice. That’s a thing, y’all! Ever wonder what southern football players drank before Gatorade? Some people say the idea for Gatorade started with pickle juice. Anyway, she had never heard of that, and I think I embarrassed her. She just wanted to be seen as cool and hip and rustic, and here is the old fogey yoga teacher asking about pickle juice.

So I went back to my own Hydro Flask water bottle, the one that’s dented from all the times I dropped it in the parking lot. I may have harrumphed. But the water was still cold.

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  • I’m going to go ahead and take credit for this trend. When I attended FIT about 15 years ago, I was a broke fashion design student too poor to buy a travel mug so I would carry my homemade coffee across the street in a glass peanut butter jar. To keep from burning my hands, I wrapped it in sock. Naturally my fellow students made fun of me.
    Who’s laughing now, Zack?!

    Also, pickle juice is definitely a thing. I enjoyed it while I was pregnant but haven’t touched it since.

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