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Healing through yoga and the chakras

Healing through yoga and the chakras

Last week I wrote about how yoga teachers aren’t doctors, and that we shouldn’t be giving medical advice, or recommending things that contradict the doctor. Today I want to write about other types of healing. Because sometimes the doctor doesn’t help. I want to be clear that I’m not scoffing at doctors–a doctor’s opinion is always the first step. However. Sometimes our physical pain is a manifestation of inner pain. 


When I studied Forrest Yoga, I learned this: Your biology is your biography. Any traumas or hurts you have experienced in your life always show up in the body. So your aching feet actually represent something that happened to you. Remember my post about why my feet hurt so much?


This is where yoga can be helpful and healing. Yoga teaches us to build awareness, first of all, and too often we push aside or bury things we don’t want to think about. We fool ourselves into thinking that we’re fine, but those buried “things” always show up somewhere.


I remember a few years ago, I was angry with someone, but I couldn’t express that anger. I bottled it all up. At the time, I was in a yoga workshop where we worked on shoulderstand, and I couldn’t be in that pose. It was so uncomfortable, and the fact that I couldn’t “do” the pose was frustrating. The next day, I got a sore throat, and then suddenly I completely lost my voice. I figured it was all due to stress. It took me a while to become aware of what was really happening. I needed to state my truth—that I was really pissed off at this woman because of her hurtful actions. I didn’t say it. I felt like I couldn’t say it. Then suddenly, my body wouldn’t let me speak at all.


I recently completed my training in Chakra Therapeutics, which fosters healing by balancing and cleansing the seven chakras. My case is pretty obvious: my throat chakra was out of balance. It was so off-kilter that I couldn’t practice one of the poses that helps bring it into balance—shoulderstand.


If I were treating myself, I would recommend gentle neck stretches, some shoulder stretches, and modified shoulderstand (legs up the wall). I would recommend repeating the affirmation for the fifth chakra: I am worthy. What I have to say is incredibly important. I would recommend meditating on my truth.


Chakra Therapeutics is a tool I can use on myself and others to help heal. Interested in learning more? I offer consultations and private sessions. Email me, or leave a note in the comments section. 


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