Meditation on a snow globe

Meditation on a snow globe

I have always loved snow globes. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the south, and we rarely got snow. Maybe it’s because I can’t resist the urge to pick one up and shake it, so the snow swirls around, looking so beautiful.


Our lives are like snow globes sometimes. We find ourselves in the middle of a bubble, with stuff swirling all around us. Sometimes it’s beautiful. But more often, it’s chaos.


When we get mired down with stress, illness, a crisis — whatever it is — often we can’t see beyond our own problems. Our world shrinks until we can’t see anything but what is pressing down on us. It becomes our own bubble, our own snow globe, if you will. We sometimes look beyond the bubble at other people laughing and going about their daily lives, and we think, “How can they do that, when my world is falling apart?”


Picture that snow globe again. No matter how many times you shake it, the snow always settles to the bottom. No matter how much you swirl it or turn it upside down, the snow always returns to the earth. It always comes back to stillness.


Now look at the figures inside the snow globe. Notice how they don’t change? They don’t move, they don’t get knocked around by the agitation of the snow. They remain unchanged, no matter what blows around them.¬†


My meditation for today is simple: picture yourself sitting in your own special snow globe. Imagine all the snow, all that noise and chaos swirling like a tornado. But you aren’t swirling. You are sitting still, breathing. As you sit, gradually the stillness returns. Breathe into that stillness. Soak it in. Any time the thoughts or worries begin rustling again, come back to the breath and let the stillness return.


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