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The worst Christmas songs ever

Today I heard what might be the worst Christmas song of all time (see #2 below). It got me thinking about what criteria make a Christmas (or holiday) song “good” or “bad.” Let’s start with the bad. 1. Christmas albums are perennial money-makers. Thus every 

Friday favorites: Christmas Music

Okay, so I know that with my last post, I urged everyone to ease into the holidays, and part of that meant avoiding Christmas music. But then… I just happened to turn on the TV in the middle of NBC’s live coverage of the tree 

Mantra for anxiety

Yesterday I wrote about how my hatred of Halloween had roots in my own anxieties. I wish I had known this mantra years ago! I learned it from my friend Bree Melanson. You can use it anytime, anywhere. Everything always works out for me. It is a mantra