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Practice writing with your cell phone

Have you noticed that whenever we have to wait for a minute, maybe standing in line at Starbucks or something, the first thing we do is pull out our cell phones? Instead of writing a long post bemoaning the lack of human interaction, I have another idea.

As long as you’re pulling out your phone, why not use those moments to practice some writing? Forget checking emails or zoning out on Candy Crush. Open your memo app and write. Start with a short description—describe your setting, your feelings, your outfit. Record snippets of conversation that you hear. Glance around (but don’t stare—it’s rude) and quickly describe the first pair of shoes that you see.

Of course you could carry around a notecard for this purpose, like David Sedaris. I prefer a pen and paper myself, but the phone might be more convenient for you. The problem with me using the memo option is that I make typos when I thumb-type, and those typos are then auto-corrected, and later I have no idea what I meant.

Example: “When you find yourself with a spare moment you pill out your o hi kne, phoenix right phone.”

Try it the next time you find yourself reaching for your phone out of habit. Let me know how it goes.

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