Writing prompt: Here is what changed

Writing prompt: Here is what changed

I have a writing prompt for you:

Here is what changed…

Since March, we have all experienced change. Some of the changes are huge, like the loss of a job or a loved one. Some changes are small, like not wearing makeup for days. Change can be personal, local, and universal.

This is my suggestion: freewrite on this prompt. Set a timer for 5 minutes, or 10, or even 30 minutes. The length of time isn’t as important as it is to write uninterrupted.

Let it be a messy freewrite. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. Don’t worry about complete sentences! Just get the thoughts onto the paper.

Don’t stop writing. If you reach the end of a thought before the time is up, keep the pen moving. You can repeat the last word you wrote, or rewrite the prompt, or write “what else, what else,” until the thoughts come in again.

Let the words flow without trying to control or shape them. See what happens.

Share your writing. You can post it in the comments section below. I will be happy to read it and give positive feedback. If you do this, however, resist the urge to edit and fix it up! This is a messy freewrite, nothing more.

This exercise is designed to help us sort out our feelings about change. Most of us don’t like change, but then we remember the adage: the only constant is change.

I am going to do this myself, and I’ll post my writing in the comments section, too.

Enjoy, and I can’t wait to read your stuff!

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